Barton Springs Conservancy

Building a brand and a community outreach campaign, all for the love of the Springs.


For the Love of the Springs.

When Barton Springs comes calling, it’s everyone in the pool. lookthinkmake partnered with Barton Springs Conservancy to help further the preservation of an iconic landmark Texas destination, the beloved Barton Springs Pool and its surrounding structures.


In the three-month live of the media campaign.

11 million

PR efforts secured event coverage resulting in over 11,000,000 impressions.

Four years

Four years of pro-bono design, communications and event support.

Barton Springs conservancy


Inspiration and celebrations.

Connecting the community to the space through communications and design was job number one. Embracing the natural magnificence of the location, and the historical design cues found throughout the site, we created a holistic approach to community celebrations and fundraising outreach based on the overarching theme “For the Love of the Springs.” Through brand design, invitations and event collateral, and public relations support, lookthinkmake provided multi-year strategy and activation assistance for community events. From local parades and splash parties, to small and large donor events, LTM and BSC partnered together to champion excitement—and financial support—for one of our most cherished waterways.

Barton Springs Conservancy party event graphic


The design approach.

The icon to top all Austin icons, Barton Springs is a true original. Barton Springs Conservancy, as a group dedicated to preserving the springs and the pool, required a mark and design style to use for ongoing outreach and fundraisers such as For the Love of the Springs. lookthinkmake designed the call-to-action mark to be used throughout the conservancy’s communications, as well as a custom deco typography style and lively vintage pool-inspired illustrations graphics to complement the brand. The results: a distinctive and welcoming look for an organization and a place that Austin loves so much, and suites of celebratory event collateral featuring custom scalloped cuts and metallic script typography.

Barton Springs Conservancy party illustrations
a party invitation for the 70th birthday bash for Barton Springs Conservancy
illustration of people enjoying a party


Sharing the news.

Our public relations efforts were driven by connecting the community to the Springs and its historic structures. We assisted the Conservancy in supporting a number of events, including the 2017’s dual fundraiser, the 70th Birthday Bash and Splash, honoring both the 70th birthday of the Barton Springs Bathhouse and Barton Springs advocate Luci Baines Johnson. Through media outreach, interview support, and community calendars and invitations, Barton Springs Conservancy enjoyed a wildly successful two-part weekend celebration, covered by local and regional multimedia outlets. And in 2019, we assisted the Conservancy with another successful event at Barton Springs Pool, A Toast to the Springs, celebrating the announcement of a generous gift from the Moody Foundation to continue preservation efforts on behalf of the community.

Web press coverage on KXAN for Barton Springs Conservancy
Barton Springs bathhouse to be renovated press coverage mock up over image of water
Press coverage mock up for Barton Springs Conservancy In Culturemap
Tribeza website mockup highlighting press coverage of Barton Springs's 70th birthday
Barton Springs conservancy coverage in Curbed
Barton Springs Conservancy in Austin American Statesman on ipad


Making a splash for the future.

The May 2017 dual fundraiser—70th Birthday Bash and 70th Birthday Splash—was a huge success, raising more than $500,000 in large and small donations. Through our public relations efforts, the 70th Birthday Bash and Splash gained over 11,000,000 impressions in print, broadcast and online outlets, spanning many of Austin’s premiere lifestyle publications, including Tribeza, Austin Monthly, and Austin Way Magazine. Barton Springs Conservancy continues its amazing work in Austin, preserving the Springs for generations to come.