Creating destination films across the world for a luxury travel brand.


Pack your camera.

Inspirato is a luxury travel club with destinations and experiences all over the world, including private residences, signature resorts, and memory-making adventures. And Post House Creative has ‘been-there-done-that’ right there with them. Our first excursion was a 21-day trek to produce destination image films in Sonoma, St. John, and Los Cabos. We spent the next several years producing marketing and branding content, including video, motion graphics, and animation, all over the United States and Europe.

Snowy mountainside with a red cabin shining in the bright sun in Telluride
Image of two branded Inspirato Cadillacs parked in front of a house
Image of two people looking out into the distance of the ocean in Los Cabos Mexico



Sonoma was our first destination image film for Inspirato. The idea was to showcase a resplendent weekend in California wine country, complete with incredible villas, amazing amenities, culinary delights, and memory-making experiences. We feel that there’s no more powerful way to encourage adventure than to show off a fully immersive and personal experience. Who wants a glass of wine?



This production had it all: high altitude, feet-upon-feet of snow, heli-skiing, snow cats to 12,000 feet, fly fishing, incredible mountain homes and experiences. Not to mention directing talent, gear reacting to freezing temps and high altitudes—and the most beautiful alpenglow we’ve ever seen.



We’ve worked in Italy nearly a dozen times. From the nuances of permissions, certifications, traveling abroad with gear, and the logistics to make it all happen, it’s still pretty easy to fall in love with Italy. Having produced Destination Image Films in Florence, Rome, Venice, and Tuscany, among other beautiful regions, that’s exactly what we wanted viewers to do—fall in love with Inspirato’s version of ‘Exploring Italy’ with friends and family.


Los Cabos.

Because of the wide variety of Inspirato properties in Los Cabos, including multi-million dollar private homes as well as luxury resorts, we’ve had the opportunity to produce an array of video projects for the Inspirato brand. From narrative storytelling, to the Destination Image Films series, we’re delighted to have created multiple video projects in sight of Lands End, earning awards in the process.


Connecting with each other, and the world.

Along with the long form Destination Image Films, we’ve produced dozens of commercial, digital, social, new product, and presentation content for Inspirato. From live action video capture and edit to 3D animation (and occasionally, a bit of both) we have been excited to brand and market Inspirato itself, as well as create pieces that encourage travelers to pack up and get out there, and connect with the world around them, again and again.

Below are a few additional video projects that we produced on behalf of Inspirato.