CG&S Design-Build

Personalizing a brand for a design-build firm that's all about personalization.


Feel right. At home.

CG&S Design-Build is an Austin multi-generational family-owned firm specializing in full-service residential design and construction services. Our job? To show that when you work with CG&S, you get a level of personalization only you could call home. We created a print campaign, designed and developed a photography-rich brand-focused website, and crafted sales collateral, all inspired by how well CG&S customers fit into their newly remodeled homes—or more importantly, how their homes fit around them. In addition, we used digital marketing to reach new audiences online and developed a public relations effort to highlight their incredible craftsmanship and their 60th anniversary, resulting in local, regional and national coverage.

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Brand Strategy

How do you showcase a company whose mission is to build a perfect home environment that matches the personalities of their clients? Given the rich CG&S family tradition and history of creating welcoming spaces for nearly 60 years, we knew that the common threads of listening, service, and long-standing craftsmanship were key themes of every CG&S project. And CG&S maintains close, long-standing relationships with their clients.

Layering these concepts with the decades of proud clients eager to show off their experiences—and spaces—led us all to the realization that CG&S’s strong guiding principles create a foundation for projects that are distinctive and perfectly tailored to their owners.

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cgs postcard

The first manifestation of the "Feel right, at home" campaign paired photos of homeowners with their CG&S-designed spaces.

See anything similar?


Campaign Implementation

In thinking about the clients of CG&S and their corresponding homes, we could clearly see their personalities reflected in their beloved spaces. We crafted a campaign to celebrate that connection: CG&S clients don’t just feel right at home, they feel right, at home. In some cases, we even paired custom personal portraits with photos of clients’ homes, celebrating the connection between the two, creating a memorable multimedia campaign with long-running print and digital ads.

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Public Relations & Media Outreach

LTM public relations efforts resulted in securing coverage in 19 high-quality publications that aligned with CG&S’s audience. Along with showcasing the design-build firm’s projects, we researched and secured several thought leadership opportunities for CG&S to participate in, including a podcast interview with and a speaking engagement at Creative Mornings Austin. When CG&S celebrated 60 years in business, LTM was there to support the event as well as promote this wonderful milestone to the media.

Coverage highlights:


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Digital Growth

To help new audiences discover the breadth and depth of work CG&S has provided Austin residents for over 60 years, we developed a number of digital marketing campaigns that spanned a variety of strategies and tactics.

Social media advertising was an excellent outlet to reach the CG&S audience. Facebook ads showcasing services and projects were tailored to a hyper-relevant audience of those most likely to consider working with CG&S. Using a variety of targeting capabilities and tactics, we were able to identify high-performing segments and improve performance through continued testing and optimization.

Using extensive keyword research and trend analysis, we implemented paid search advertising through Google Ads to reach audiences with high-levels of intent seeking full home renovation contractors and architects while highlighting the importance of working with an in-house team. As a result, year-over year, website traffic from new audiences increased, website engagement improved and new leads directly attributable to landing page performance grew.

In addition to using a variety of channels to reach new audiences, we used website analysis to further improve website engagement and conversion rates by focusing more on user experience and providing content to better meet the needs of site visitors seeking to learn more about the extent of CG&S’s services. This helped to further amplify reasons to consider and work with CG&S for large home renovation or design projects.

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The award-winning CG&S website was designed and developed to serve as a flexible modular platform capable of showing off the breadth of aesthetic approaches that the firm offers to clients. The website’s intuitive and easy-to-update structure ensures that each project shines through photography and thoughtfully-prepared case studies.

Visit the Website

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Sixty years and counting.

We’re many years into our partnership, and CG&S is soaring. Enjoying their seventh decade in Austin, CG&S continues to gain numerous leads and excellent press coverage, which translates to fantastic new construction and remodeling opportunities in Austin and Central Texas. Bolstered by a multi-year multi-channel advertising campaign and public relations pitching and support, CG&S is looking forward to continued success as they transform spaces and set high standards. And they’re also just really incredible people.