Horseshoe Bay Nature Park

Branding and public relations for a new Texas Hill Country conservation destination.


Horseshoe Bay Nature Park is an 11-acre active conservation and restoration site in the upland prairie of the Texas Hill Country city of Horseshoe Bay. Originally slated for mixed-use development, the site was re-designated through the work of the community as a guided open landscape and educational destination for all.

Designed by Twistleaf Land Design, the park is comprised of eight ecological zones with a bird blind, observation deck, nesting boxes, and trails winding through natural flora and fauna, Horseshoe Bay Nature Park is true to its mission of preserving—and inspiring a love of—nature.

Horseshoe bay branding - logo and icons


A brand in bloom.

We teamed up with the park’s leadership and community partners to create a flexible brand for the site, formed by a combination of a horseshoe and a Texas thistle. The supporting brand package features a custom iconography set for interpretive signage and wayfinding, and the brand was also applied to on-site materials and a custom website to lead visitors through an educational experience.

Horseshoe Bay Website and Branding Elements

Website design, and corresponding brand iconography, highlighting the features, flora, and fauna of the park.


Connecting communities.

In addition, our public relations team shared the mission of the park far and wide—and celebrating the natural beauty of Central Texas and the Highland Lakes region. The park has been covered in a variety of regional and ecological media outlets, including MySA, Travis Audubon, Austin Woman, The Highlander, and the Dallas, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio editions of CultureMap.

Horseshoe Bay PR Coverage - CMDallas- Tablet
Horseshoe Bay MySA PR Coverage mobile mockup
Horseshoe Bay PR mockup - tablet